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Mia Merritt

Keystone team agent

Real people doing Real Estate. We are a marketing team that does real estate, not the other way around. The Keystone Team is dedicated to serve each client with excellent, honest and responsible results.

Mia Merritt

Mia is striving to make her world and the world around her a better place.  As a realtor, Mia works with first time buyers, seasoned investors and all level of celebrities in the entertainment business to get them the property they are looking for. As a Film and Television Producer, Mia has several projects in different levels of production that will appeal to many types of audiences.  As a Philanthropist, Mia has volunteered for several non-profit organizations, as well as developing her own foundation dedicated in keeping the homes in the family’s hands, by using her real estate knowledge.  As an activist, Mia has always been a sympathizer for the under-dog but also helps those that need the help of others to speak for them.

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Mia Merritt
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