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Lindsey Smolen

Keystone team agent

Real people doing Real Estate. We are a marketing team that does real estate, not the other way around. The Keystone Team is dedicated to serve each client with excellent, honest and responsible results.


Lindsey Smolen

Lindsey Smolen is a college graduate from California State University, Long Beach. Before she graduated, she worked in Barcelona, Spain with a highly respected social media marketing company. After receiving her degree in Communication Studies, she began to run multiple social media accounts and market products as well as services for multiple different businesses. After working with The Keystone Team, Lindsey found her love for the design of houses. She loves to market families that find their dream home with this innovative team. In her free time she partners with the nonprofit, Giving Football. She participates in going around the world and teaching children in orphanages to play soccer and provide healthy nutrition options. She loves to travel and finds inspiration through the places she visits.

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Lindsey Smolen
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